Ganja Juice-E juice

Ganja Juice-E juice

Ganja Juice: Exquisite Taste in Vapor Smoking

Ganja Juice E Strains

Ganja Juice now brings you the exciting new ecig flavors that will surely captivate your senses in new E Liquids. The distinct flavorful aroma and intense taste will send you to nirvana of pleasurable vapor smoking. Delightfully concocted e cigarette juice flavors from fruity sensation, classic tobacco to flavorful tea- all Ginja ejuice creations are now here to give you the ultimate satisfaction of vapor smoking. Just the finest ingredients extracted from nature then blended to perfection come in each Ganja ejuice dropper bottle. Grab the flavors that you love then try something new for a sensation that you would never forget!

Also, we now offer a create your flavor E Liquid.  What will you create with our over 150 different flavors and over 500,000 different combinations allowing you to make a one of kind E Liquid that only you will have.

We offer a few dropper size glass bottles from 10ml, 30 ml & 120 ml
our nicotine levels range from 0 mg,6 mg,12 mg,18 mg,24 mg
Although these E  juice may not get you high, they will take to a higher place…

You can now ADD a Sativa or Indica Boost to any EStrain Liquid

Sative Blend- Liquid Caffeine = to 4 Energy Drinks

Indica Blend-Liquid Valerian Root = to 1/2 dose sleep aid

There is enough to notice …..but not enough to make it hurt!