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  1. So this is my second order with you and here we are now 2 weeks later and no tracking number.....furthermore your company's website says your located in California yet my credit card company says your in China...this is deceiving to your customers.. Not only are you charging more when the transactions hit but the credit card company charges a foreign transaction fee. I feel I have been taken for a ride with your "company". Disclosure of foreign transactions should be made public.I gave you a second chance regardless of the terrible service the first time but I cannot say that I will be using your products in the future. Do you even care about about keeping your customers happy?
    1. We did have a a big back order from our main supplier 2 weeks ago and that has caused us to get back ordered ourselves we have since received the back ordered supplies and are working as quickly as we can to get caught back up.. Yes we are located in CA ...Anaheim to be exact , and our merchant processor is located in China and Australia and due to nature of our products and our name Ganja Juice, that is the only place we can get online processing from. You can always call your order in and speak with a representative who can take your order over the phone and then your order will be processed through our US merchant provider and we do have it on our website that the merchant is an offshore merchant provider. But we thank you for your concern.

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