Ganja Juice takes just as much pride in their E juices as they do attending events, thats why we try and make to every major event that comes our way, because only the best will do.

We look forward to another great year with all of our loyal customers, so we thank you!

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With the growth of Electronic Cigarettes or E Cigs there are more and more events popping up. Ganja Juice is always on the move attending these events and shows across the us to help spread the good word about our E juice and products. We support the ever growing community and strive to help standardize the E juice market by attending these events and voting when it effects your state. Check our site daily for updates on our calendar and site for the next one..who know it might be near you!

We hope to see you at our next E juice event and if you do please stop by and say hello, we love to hear from our valued customers.