About us

About us

GANJA JUICE- We take our e juices seriously! GANJA JUICE brand ejuice is committed in bringing the very best vapor experience to all e-cigarette smokers. Our top quality e cig liquid and smoke ejuices are lovingly blended using the very best ingredients available in great tasting e juice flavors that go beyond your imagination. Each creative ejuice blend of Ganja liquid juice comes from the finest all-natural ingredients blended to perfection using our very own 50/50 all natural Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in standard USP Kosher for the ultimate full flavored smoke and intense throat hits without the burn.

Our exquisite E-Strain e cig flavors comes from the bounty of Mother Nature and creatively blended with the finest commonly craved popular ecig flavors around that will definitely tickle even the most delicate taste buds and satisfy true-blue weed smokers.

Ganja ejuice brand takes your smoking pleasure to a whole new level with original blends and flavors all bottled up to fulfill your intense vapor dream experience. Gone are the days of boring ejuice flavors and less potent hits. Now get the full kick that you deserve by getting hook on our most popular concoctions such as the refreshing OG Kush, the lucid Blue Dream and the uplifting Lemon Haze ready to satisfy your exquisite taste while providing you the mind blowing hit that you long for. The iconic ganja ejuice flavor called the Grand Daddy Purple comes in a refreshing grape taste and intensified with the same mary jane’s kick finish. Enjoy the great aroma and the full bodied smoke that you’ll get with each puff of the tastiest ejuice in the market today.

Ganja Juice ejuice brand is another creative fun product innovation that we lovingly concocted to please all types of e-cigarette smokers and weed fanatics. The distinct original blends of Ganja’s e cigarette liquid refills are all made in U. S. A. and have intense flavors with strong hits just like the ones you’ll get from weed smoking. U. S. made to guarantee that you will only smoke the best e cig juice flavors besting top competitors in the industry today. Blended to perfection in exquisite delicious e cig liquid flavors, that comes with a strong Mary Jane like hits- all possible through the best natural ingredients that can only be from Ganja Juice.

Our company has been brewing great energy drinks and perfectly blended hemp smoothies since 2010 in Anaheim CA. Due to the strong demand for top quality and best flavorful ecig juices, we now specialized in whipping up exquisite ejuice flavors that are truly invigorating and refreshing since 2011. We also offer the best brands of e-cigarettes and other paraphernalia for your convenience and smoking pleasure. Come and give in to your smoking fantasies and get the intense e cigarette juice flavors that you love with more kick! Only from GANJA E-Juice, leading the way for creative e juice smoking.

You can now ADD a Sativa or Indica Boost to any E-Liquid

Sative Blend- Liquid Caffeine = to 4 Energy Drinks

Indica Blend-Liquid Valerian Root = to 1/2 dose sleep aid

There is enough to notice …..but not enough to make it hurt!

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